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Rolling Stone Magazine Reeks

Lately Rolling Stone Magazine stinks. It’s not the articles… it’s those smelly perfume ads. Is there anything more offensive than somebody spraying perfume on you that you didn’t choose? That is what it is like when Rolling Stone arrives in my mailbox.

Yes, Eddie, I agree this magazine smells awful!

The last couple of issues of Rolling Stone have at least two scented ads.  These ads are so pungent that (even after I have ripped them out) my hands smell like perfume when I handle the magazine. I may not be able to read them without fearing a headache even after airing them out.  When I asked customer service if I could have an unscented version, they said they do not offer one. All the other major magazines offer this service, it is a shame they will not.

Rolling Stone is a Rock and Roll magazine. Why must it smell like a 14-year-old boy trying to get laid? Hey editors, can you please talk to your sales staff? If this is the trend, you are going to lose this subscriber and I can’t believe I’m the only one.


Unscented Deodorants May Still Have Fragrance; Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, The Dial Corporation, Revlon Cons Prod Corp called out

Many products are listed as “Unscented” but if you take a closer look they may still be scented with a “masking fragrance”.  This makes absolutely no sense to me….. why list it as unscented when they have put a scent in it? Are the companies too lazy to name the scent? Did the marketing departments run out of silly naming ideas like cool breeze, fresh rain, and powdery shower?

The “unscented (but not really)” label is very noticeable in the deodorant aisle…. read the ingredients on the back of all the anti-perspirants listed as “unscented”. You may be surprised to see how many brands do this.

It is labelled "unscented" but it is not Fragrance-Free. Check the back for the ingredients.

The ingredients list a "*masking fragrance".... why call this "unscented?"

Why am I complaining about this? Because I am sensitive to fragrances and I have purchased products expecting them to be fragrance free and they were not. I am wiser now and always check the ingredients on the back.

Proctor & Gamble‘s Invisible Solid PH Balanced Secret isn’t the only brand that does this, there are many more. Here’s a list of a few I’ve found labelled as unscented but contains a fragrance….

  • Unilever‘s Dove Sensitive Skin Invisible Solid Unscented (They changed the product since I wrote this in March- See Update at bottom of post)
  • The Dial Corporation‘s Dry Idea Clinical Complete Invisible Solid Unscented
  • The Dial Corporation‘s Dry Idea Clear Gel Unscented
  • The Dial Corporation‘s Dry Idea Clinical Complete Roll-on Unscented
  • Proctor & Gamble‘s Secret Crystal Clear Gel Flawless Clear Unscented
  • Proctor & Gamble‘s Secret Invisible Solid Flawless Renewel Unscented (these two are different from the other one pictured)
  • Revlon Cons Prod Corp‘s Mitchum Smart Solid Unscented

I do give Revlon Cons Prod Corp some credit, the Mitchum line does offer an unscented clear gel deodorant for men that does not include fragrance. Mitchum Clear Gel Unscented is the only men’s deodorant that I can find in major stores that is truly without scent. I would think men would want less perfume.  I find it strange that more options are not easily available.

Unilever tends to market themselves as healthy with the Dove campaign. I do love Dove’s Sensitive Skin bar soap. I’m sad that they allow one of their deodorant’s to be marketed in a misleading way.

I would love to know why companies market a product as unscented when it clearly isn’t…. perhaps there is compelling argument to be made. I welcome company responses to smell INC.

UPDATE  July 25, 2010: I’m pleased to say that Unilever‘s Dove deodorant has taken a change for the better. They lost the fragrance! It is now marketed as Dove Ultimate Sensitive Care Fragrance Free. Thank you Unilever/Dove!