Rolling Stone Magazine Reeks

Lately Rolling Stone Magazine stinks. It’s not the articles… it’s those smelly perfume ads. Is there anything more offensive than somebody spraying perfume on you that you didn’t choose? That is what it is like when Rolling Stone arrives in my mailbox.

Yes, Eddie, I agree this magazine smells awful!

The last couple of issues of Rolling Stone have at least two scented ads.  These ads are so pungent that (even after I have ripped them out) my hands smell like perfume when I handle the magazine. I may not be able to read them without fearing a headache even after airing them out.  When I asked customer service if I could have an unscented version, they said they do not offer one. All the other major magazines offer this service, it is a shame they will not.

Rolling Stone is a Rock and Roll magazine. Why must it smell like a 14-year-old boy trying to get laid? Hey editors, can you please talk to your sales staff? If this is the trend, you are going to lose this subscriber and I can’t believe I’m the only one.


3 responses to “Rolling Stone Magazine Reeks

  1. It is not right to force such scent and fragrances on people, they do not know who they hit. Many is allergic and sensitive to fragrance and they is likely to make their customers sick. Stop the madness!

  2. I am canceling my long-held subscription to RS too for this reason. I’ve been tearing the ads out but I’m done with it. It’s a no-brainer to cancel the subscription if you have fragrance allergies, which many people do.

  3. Peter K. Pleitner

    I’ve had it too. They won’t see my money anymore. Next time I’m in their area It would be tempting to make an appointment and have an accident in their sales office.

    Anybody know how to mail stink bombs?

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