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  1. melanie spencer

    I live on the other side of the world in Australia. I have been suffering w extreme reactions to fragrance for several years and it seems to be progressive. I am forever holding tissues or a scarf up to my nose when close to irritants and its now affecting my life For example forget going on a holiday as 99% of accommodation venues SMELL !!!, in the workplace my colleagues like scents , at the shops and local clubs now they pump fragrance thru air con, going to the theatre etc etc etc . Its like the only safe place is at home without visitors. I wish we could start a revolution !!!!!

  2. melanie spencer


  3. Candles, perfumes, lotions, deoderants, household cleaners, etc. all cause short-breath (almost panic attack-like), nausea, headche, and a general horrible feeling. I hoping to God that the government will intercede for millions, like they did with cigarette smoke. Greedy companies are killing us!

  4. How can we join together to change this craziness? This has got to be addressed as our kids are going to have so many issue w/hormone disruptions, etc. because of the health hazards of all of these fragrances. Someone on television needs to speak out and create a “force” for fresh air!! The new “f” word – – FRESH!!! By the way, you cannot even go to the beach anymore as all of the sun protection products now come in “spray” and you get whacked w/whatever horrible suntan product when the guy 3 ft away decides to spray down his whole family with pure poison! They might not get skin cancer, but they’ll end up w/ lung or liver cancer!

  5. I have lived in a unsented hotel for 25 years. The hotel ( Four Season , Boston), is now senting all the hallways, making me and my help use our inhalers! I can not hlep but think that this can’t be legal.

  6. scented products are from the devil. my step father drives a truck. others use that ruck during other shifts. recently a new driver started using the truck for 3rd shift. this dude apprently wears so much axe, the back of my stepdads clothes smell like he’s wearing it. he’s gettin bothered by it, and complained. the boss said tough shit. the other driver found out and now purposely wears MORE and has sprayed it in the truck to be a dick. he changes clothes in the bathroom at work so his car seats dont start smelling like that too. my brother who not allergic said the theater he went to for star wars smelled like an axe factory!

  7. janebluestein

    I am a professional speaker and have spent much of the past 30 years on the road. I started asking for fragrance-free rooms years ago because if I have to deal with perfumes or “air fresheners,” I end up losing my voice, even ending up with flu-like symptoms or actually getting sick. Even on vacation, we used to stay at Hampton Inns until they started spraying Febreeze everywhere. (At one hotel before we stopped going there, they even sprayed directly onto the sheets!! Seriously?) These are clean places that now smell like they’re trying to cover up a dirty room. Kind of like people who use perfume instead of bathing. I’ve started calling ahead, but sometimes even getting someone who knows what I’m asking about is a challenge. And I’ve been able to get “clean” rooms in hotels that have perfume pumps in the lobby so it’s like running a gauntlet just to get there. (Starwood and Holiday Inn Express, I’m talking to you.) And try eating breakfast and actually tasting the food in a room being sprayed with perfume every few minutes. Stupid, toxic idea. I’m grateful for every scent-free environment I can find! And thank you for this website and poll. Feeling a little less crazy/broken reading these comments.

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