Woman Wins $100,000 Settlement Over Perfume In The Workplace

Detroit city employee, Susan McBride, sues her employer for not addressing her complaints about her work environment.  McBride has chemical sensitivities to fragrances and a co-worker’s perfume was making it difficult for her to breathe which also resulted in migraines, nausea and coughing. She was awarded $100,000.  The city of Detroit is now asking employees in the buildings where she works not to wear fragrances.

This is a link with all the details about the case…


And the link to the article by CBS The Early Show…. there are also videos related to this story that are worth watching.


My Thoughts: I suffer from migraines that are triggered by fragrances.  I think it’s sad that she had to sue to get a coworker not to wear strong perfume. I wish our society was less obsessed with scents and was more considerate of others. I think this lawsuit will help call attention to this issue and for that I am happy.

I welcome your thoughts….


6 responses to “Woman Wins $100,000 Settlement Over Perfume In The Workplace

  1. How the f*uck this lady get a million dollars for some dang on perfume, when i was working for the detroit news and was delivering newspaper at cobo hall and a ventalation cover falls on me and breaks my dam neck. I had to have a plate n screw fused in my neck with permant damges, in pain all friggin day. I ain’t get a dime! the news fired me for some bull and the city of detroit says oh well, governmental immunity! Now i can’t work because of my condition plus no one will hire me with my condition. Plus they wouldn’t even give me unemployment or they still haven’t even giving disability after 5 yrs. So sincerly from me and my family F U Detroit. all of ya’ll some corrupt devils and I hope all of you suffer as much as i do right now when its your time to leave this earth!

    • Can’t go ANYWHERE around people and not come home without the stinch of drier sheets,fabric softner,so called unscented products.I don’t smoke,but laws against indoor smoking is good.And the ONLY good scent is no scent.Also to Frank $100,000 isn’t a million.

    • I feel for you.I’m a surivor of head on collision due to WOMAN driver passing around curve and in court over it.But I’d rather go though that again than live by a purfume plant.Hope you can find a lawer that will come to your aid very soon,You didn’t get a short stick,you got no stick

  2. I can sympathize with you, as I had been rear ended by a Chicago bus many years ago & you can’t fight city hall, they say, so I didn’t get anything either & had & still have neck issues from a whip lash I had received.
    I also sympathize with the woman who has fragrance issues as so do I & it is uncalled for when people can’t be considerate of others in the workplace.
    I pray that you can get disability or that the Lord would graciously heal you. Turn to Jesus & seek Him for not just the healing but the healing of your soul for the bitterness in your heart. He just then may heal your body, soul & spirit. May the Lord bless you this very day & every day hereafter.

  3. Hoping more and more people will file law suits. Maybe than these …. companies will start offering safer products. I hardly have a life any longer due to working in a grocery and having to put up with customers wearing scents and the soap area. Than having to wait in doctors offices and other places that areas are not havng fresh air and causing my body to break down more. Now I have many appointments in my home or even on my deck due to not being able to be around many people due to shampoo, conditioners, fabric softeners, hand creams, etc. that are scented. I no longer can go into anyones home or travel and have to worry each day if I go out or if I have a window open will someone be using fertilzer ro other toxins. Thank Goodness I am now old enough that I do not work or I probally be dead already. Wish doctors would start understanding this. We are not crazy but we have like an allergy that no one has a cure for. PEOPLE please think of others when your using these toxic products. They are not only hurting others but could also be hurting yourself without you realizinf until it is to late.

  4. Ditto on Jan’s comment, except I am not retired and go to school with a face mask for chemicals and have to dodge people who wear these horrible chemicals when I do not have it on. Sometimes I myself wonder how long I am going to make it.

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