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Fragrance Free Solution: Simple beauty products

Simple is a new fragrance free line of products. They offer facial wipes, cleansers, and moisturizer. I have found it at Target, CVS and my local grocery store. I have been using the wipes to remove my makeup nightly and really like them.  Simple calls themselves the “Sensitive Skin Experts”. I may not have sensitive skin but I do have a sensitive head that is prone to migraine headaches due to perfumes. So thank you “Simple” for offering a line of Fragrance Free products!

Simple Fragrance Free products

Simple facial products are Fragrance Free.

“Simple, Sensitive Skin Experts”  facial products are Fragrance Free.


Fragrance Free Solution: Facial Cleanser

Smellinc awards Cetaphil a halo for its fragrance free facial cleanser

Smellinc loves Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which is their fragrance free version.  It’s easy to find at most popular retailers and they even make trial size versions which are great for travel. Make sure you buy “Gentle Skin Cleanser” which is scent free.  The “Daily Facial Cleanser” does have a masking fragrance. If you have found another good fragrance free facial cleanser please leave a comment and share with us.