Official military fragrance line

The Perfuming of America continues, now the military is getting involved. They have officially licensed scents for the different branches. The Marines have “Devil Dog” cologne. They are working on “Patton” for the Army and the Air Force has “Stealth”.

I can’t make this up.

Read the article in The Washington post.


One response to “Official military fragrance line

  1. Sad – I wish you WERE making it up. My husband said it best – “don’t people know perfumes and colognes were designed simply to cover up body odor back in the days when people didn’t have the option of frequent bathing to stay clean?” I am forced to carry a level P-95 (odor-molecule-blocking) mask and a rescue inhaler anytime I go out in public thanks to this “Perfuming of America”. I can’t believe how many people are fooled into thinking all these chemicals, and the day-in, day-out exposure to them, is safe. Some of these same people are moms who feed their children all organic but don’t hesitate to use laundry products with chemical scents designed to stay in the clothing for weeks!

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