Fragrance Free Solution: Moisturizers


Moisturizers without fragrance receive a halo from Smellinc

Moisturizers seem to have a growing selection of fragrance free products. Aveeno made by Johnson & Johnson makes a number of fragrance free products including  body cream and an intense relief overnight cream. Aveeno is sold just about everywhere and can be found in travel size packaging as well. Bliss makes a “naked” version of their body butter maximum moisture cream which is sold at Sephora stores. (Good luck navigating through those one of those stores without becoming overwhelmed by perfume. I’d purchase it online) Eucerin also offers a daily moisturizer called “calming creme” which does not have fragrance. I recently purchased a trial version at CVS.  If you know of any other moisturizers that do not contain fragrance and are worthy of sharing please comment.


One response to “Fragrance Free Solution: Moisturizers

  1. There is nothing Johnsons & Johnsons makes that is not toxic. Scent isn’t the only problem in products many products have no “fragrance” added but still smell and still out gas toxic VOC’s and other residues and fumes.

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