Hotels offering Fragrance Free/ Hypoallergenic Rooms

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are now catering to those with allergies by providing hypoallergenic rooms. Smellinc likes this idea, especially the part about washing the lines in fragrance free detergent and offering fragrance free bath products! I hope more hotel chains adopt this idea. Here’s the article from The New York Times.

UPDATE 6/9/11   Here is a link to a story about allergy free hotel rooms in the Orlando Florida area.









7 responses to “Hotels offering Fragrance Free/ Hypoallergenic Rooms

  1. I certainly like the allergy-friendly trend and the attention that is being paid to the problem of staying in hotel rooms for many people; HOWEVER, for me, a room with the very strong smell of tea tree oil, the smell of anti-microbial spray and an intensive ozone treatment would not be tolerable. Certainly, I can’t be the only person who would react to these things.

  2. I need to go to Boston. Does anyone know of a hotel/inn/b & b in the city that has odorless air? Thanks!

  3. I had a problem while on a bus trip. All rooms had air fresheners in air conditioners. could not stay & bus co. said it was my choice to leave.@ 9PM & paying $360. Treated poorly. Ready to give up on travel. Thank you for giving me hope. Looking forward to staying with you in the future.

  4. i suffer from sensitive skin and allergies. when i travel and have to use towels from hotels and sleep on sheets that have been washed with scented detergent, i break out in a severe rash and require steroids and prednisone to clear it up. it usually takes several months not to mention the pain, itching and suffering!!!

    • i have developed the same problem. it makes traveling very difficult, as i have to carry my own sheets, towels and washcloths. All hotels should offer fragrance free rooms with linens that are not washed with fragranced products!! I am severly allergic to anything with fragrance. It should be the same policy that they have with smoking!! It is not any different.

  5. Why not work to ban fragrances every where, have a recall paid for by the toxic fragrance makers.

    Since fragrances are robbing us of health of mind and body, this is reasonable.

    In addition to a van and recall. Importation, exportation, and selling of fragrances must be banned. The ban must be enforced with more than a slap on the hand.

    Are there any lawyers willing to help with above as well as lawsuits on behalf of fragrance sensitive humans who endure severe harm and isolation .

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