Say NO to Air Fresheners


Because there is nothing fresh about them.

My version of hell is being locked in a room with air fresheners in the wall sockets. Even one device might do the trick. They are so strong. They often will invoke a severe headache for me within minutes.

Even if you don’t have my aversions to air fresheners you may want to consider the possible health and environmental risks they could pose.

Here is a posting on Washington Post’s website about some of the ingredients in air fresheners and the possible risks associated with them.

When I want my house smelling good I bake cookies or use a drop of vanilla. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies, yum! Do you have any all natural house scenting tricks? I’d love to hear them!


2 responses to “Say NO to Air Fresheners

  1. I agree. Even the ones that are advertised as “fresh” they are still overbearing. Natural is the better way.

  2. where did u dig this info abou air freshers?

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