Fragrance Free Depression: Sure Max Deodorant Discontinued

This was going to be a Fragrance Free Solution about my favorite scent free deodorant…. now I’m depressed because I have discovered that it has been discontinued.

Finding a true fragrance free deodorant is not so easy. See my previous post about masking fragrances in deodorants labeled “unscented”…  This was my favorite deodorant. It was not easy to find. I bought it in bulk when I could find it. Luckily I still have 3 boxes left. They will probably expire before I get to use them all.

This is so sad. I just want a deodorant that won’t cause me to have migraine headaches. Every 2 to 3 years I have to hunt for new deodorant that is fragrance free. I find one I’m happy with and they either discontinue it or add a masking fragrance to it. I’ve tried some brand’s like Tom’s all natural, but I didn’t like the way it felt. So now I will start scouring the aisles again in the drug stores looking for that elusive non smelly solid deodorant. If you have any good leads please pass them along.

UPDATE   July 25, 2010: Regular Unscented Sure has fragrance listed under inactive ingredients. I will not be trying it. I did find two products at my local grocery store which were truly fragrance free…. Dove ultimate sensitive care fragrance free and Arrid XX extra extra dry unscented solid. I have purchased both and will be trying them out.


27 responses to “Fragrance Free Depression: Sure Max Deodorant Discontinued

  1. I have been with Sure soft solids, unscented, for years and years. Sure Max was the last incarnation. I have two left. I like the way Sure keeps me dry, so I guess I’ll try and get used to the unscented invisible solid (which isn’t as invisible as the soft solid).

  2. You are right about Sure.

    Ban Invisible Solid, Unscented, didn’t list fragrance or fragrance (masking). Plus, it has the same active ingredient as Sure. Maybe it will work for you.

  3. Hi – did you ever find an acceptable replacement? Wish they would bring it back.

    • I still miss it.

      Yes I found something I can live with for now…. but I’m not in love and am still searching. After trying all the drug store brands, I went to Whole Foods and bought a few to try. I had to hold my breath because the incense is so strong in that section but they do have a wide selection of fragrance free deodorant. I have settled on “Liken Plant Unscented” by Earth Science.

      I have tried Dove’s ultimate sensitive care fragrance free which does not have a masking fragrance but it has a weird sweet smell that I don’t like. I think it’s the almond oil?

      I tried Arrid XX unscented solid and it didn’t work that well for me.

      I have tried Tom’s and other natural brand deodorants but most of them have a sticky feel to them.

      Even the Liken Plant has a bit of a sticky feel and it doesn’t go on smooth but it’s not too bad. And I’m not getting a daily dose of Aluminum so that’s probably a good thing.

      If you find any good solutions please let me know!

  4. May have found something today at CVS – Secret clinical hypoallergenic sensitive skin advanced solid. Very similar to sure soft solid unscented from years back. Never tried the sure max. Fragrance (masking) listed, but my nose is sensitive and I can hardly tell. Pricey, but let me know what you think

  5. I stocked up on Sure Max 2 years ago when they were offering $1 off coupons (after the price increase), now as I am out I find that it is no longer made and am very disppointed. I appreciate the advice on alternatives and as a guy hope that I can find one that will work for me (not ready to try secret or dove yet). Sure Max was the perfect form for deoderant/antipersp

  6. Did anyone find anything else that worked that good?

  7. I stocked up on Sure max and now I am down to one. This has been the only under arm I can use. Is there anyone out there that can give me help?
    I realy loved this stuff.

    • I gave up on The “liken plant” natural deodorant. It wasn’t working that great and too hard to apply.

      Almay has fragrance free deodorant now. I tried the gel version and it’s not bad. They also make a roll on. I found this at my local grocery store and CVS.

      My husband uses Mitchum power gel unscented. It works well for him and has no smell. The unscented solid version DOES contain fragrance, so you want to be careful. I find this at almost all retailers. Good Luck!

  8. I used the Sure Soft Solid Unscented and then the Sure Max Unscented. I used them for years. It’s the only deodorant I can honestly say that both worked and that I actually liked. After it became impossible to find it around here, I resorted to purchasing off ebay. I bought 25 boxes at once. The expiration date ran out before I finished using them, but they still worked. I could tell no difference. But now I’m out again and mad as heck that they aren’t making this product anymore! I certainly wish they would bring it back! It was perfect! It went on great! It didn’t stain clothing or leave deodorant marks. It was effective. And it truly had no scent. I loved it! Now I’m like UGH! I can’t find anything I like that works. And I’m afraid to buy more online for fear that it truly will be expired and won’t be effective. I’ve been using Sure Invisible Solid Unscented for lack of finding anything else, but it’s not nearly as effective or useable. I’m reading your suggestions before going out to CVS to search for something yet again. The very thought of having to walk down the aisle and search through all those heavily-scented products annoys me! The scent on the men’s products is disgusting. Even the names are ridiculous. “Swagger?” Please! The only swagger a man is going to get from a deodorant is the kind drunks get right before they land on their derrieres! And that ultimately comes from the overpowering scent that knocks them down! And none of us guys want to use flowery, perfumy scents! Who wants any kind of scent in their underarms anyway?!? The idea is to not have any there in the first place! Very frustrating! I do wish they would bring the Sure Max back! If anyone ever finds a suitable replacement, I’d love to know! We need a revolution!!!

  9. Is there a graveyard for the leftovers since Sure Max was discontinued? I’d buy a case of it!!! This is a serious question.

    • Thats what I was hoping too, I’ve gone to ebay to search, but there selling the stuff for $10.00 for one. Plus shipping. IF you can find it anywhere, There asking way to much for it. Good Luck.

  10. I just bought some on Amazon – it is expired, but it still works fine. I too miss this deodorant terribly! It was (is) the only deodorant that works for me, and believe me I have tried them all!
    Folks selling it on Amazon have caught on though that there is a shortage and people want it cuz it is ridiculously priced, especially since it is expired. But I bought it anyway…

  11. I just finished using up all the Sure Max I had left. It was expired but worked just fine. The only problem after expiration is some of it disappears and you end up with less than 2 ozs. Now, what to use? I don’t have a sensitivity to fragrances, but I figure between the body wash and shampoo and the smell of clean clothes, how many more competing smells do I need? I bought Sure invisible solid, unscented. I tried it over the weekend. It was ok, but hardly invisible. I think I’ll try Mitchum power gel unscented since I’ve seen it referenced several different places, and now here, but I have never been a fan of gels. I’m just sorry there are no more unscented soft solids.

    • Since I used all of mine, I have searched and searched for something to use that I like. It’s very frustrating. I have used the Sure Invisible Solid Unscented too, and I have the same conclusion. It’s just ok. I have also used the Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Strength Unscented. It’s ok too, but it has this odd texture that is sort of slick and sort of sticky too. You can still feel it on your skin for a while after putting it on which I don’t like. In addition, the whole end of the stick breaks off before you get anywhere near the end of its use which is very annoying. I have tried Ban Invisible Solid Unscented, Arrid XX Solid Unscented, and I don’t know how many others. I can’t believe how many break off before they get to the end. I also can’t believe how many of them have rough edges at the top of the container that make for very uncomfortable application. Apparently most companies don’t care if they make an excellent product or not. So far, the one that I have tried that I seem to like the most is Arm and Hammer UltraMax Invisible Solid Unscented. But it’s still no replacement for Sure Max. Wish we could get them to bring it back! 😦

  12. I have been using Sure Max and its previous 2 or 3 different names for years now. I’m down to my last two boxes and came looking for an alternative. Everyone needs to start writing to P&G. I don’t think I’m going to find a suitable replacement.

  13. I’m down to my last 3 sticks of the 25 I bought in 2010. I still see a couple on ebay, but they want $15/stick!

  14. I’m going to give this one a shot….it sounds similar (but not unscented however):

    I’ve sent messages to Sure a couple of times and have gotten no response.

  15. P&G sold off the Sure brand so let’s everybody bombard our requests to bring back Sure Max here:
    I am on my last stick and will not pay the 15-21 dollars I’m seeing it sell for on ebay and amazon.

  16. Just sent them a message.

  17. try that thai crystal deodorant. It is not an antipersirant it is made out of minerals that prevent the germs from causing the odor in your armpits. It doesn’t keep your from sweating, only from smelling. It is great because deoderant, smelly or not, has unnatural ingredients. you wet the crystal, rub it on your armpits and you are good to go.

  18. I was researching deodorants and I see there are quite a few people here that are looking for Sure Max unscented. I have 8 brand new, clinical power (20%), unscented Sure Max that expired in 4/10. They are the “bonus” ones that have 30% more. I’m not looking for a profit, but I’d like to make my money back on them. If anyone is interested, reply here and we’ll work something out. First come, first served. Thanks 🙂

    • I would love to take you up on your offer to rid yourself of the SureMax deodorant. If you can let me know how much you’d like for them, I would probably take all or half of them. I’m down to my last one and summer is coming. It scares me!

      Hope to hear from you!

      • Hi Audrey,

        How’s $5 each, and if you buy all, I’ll give you the last one for free? Please send me an e-mail at stateoftranceavb @ yahoo, and we’ll work out the details. Thanks!

  19. I just finished my second Mitchum Power Gel Unscented – 2.25 oz. Each one lasted me exactly 6 weeks. It’s a gel, but I love it. Like Sure Max and the soft solids before it, it has holes at the top to raise the product through so you don’t use too much and make a mess. So, it goes on clean, takes only a minute or two to dry, is clear, and really works. It has 25% of its active ingredient, so it was no surpise it worked. What surprised me was just how easily I got used to it. While it is unscented, it is not fragrance free. It has a very light soap scent. I like it. But, for those who need fragrance free, they do have that also. It’s a little harder to find. The drugstore did not have the fragrance free version, but the grocery did. I haven’t tried it since I am happy with the unscented. In fact, I am thrilled!

  20. Does the gel feel sticky at all? That’s the problems I have had with gels in the past. Sure Max was great because it didn’t feel moist or sticky.

  21. I used to think the crystal deodorant mentioned a few posts up was nonsense, so I ignored it for years. Finally got around to trying it after I developed an underarm skin rash to my unscented health store brand. Surprise, surprise! It works and even better than regular deodorant. Lasts much longer (economical), and is most definitely fragrance free. I think everyone would use it if they knew how well it works.

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