It’s all in your head

How do you know it’s not all in your head? Yep, I hear that often when I talk to acquaintances about my headaches. People are actually bold enough to question my sanity out loud.

These are the people who after I confide to them that fragrances give me headaches, they respond with I LOVE my perfume. After I assure them that their perfume isn’t bothering me, they start questioning me. It’s probably hard to believe that something that gives them so much pleasure can bring others so much pain.

I read a blog entry on MSN’s Workbuzz recently which discusses this issue of fragrances in the workplace. Hundreds of comments were from people who suffer like I do but there are some who just don’t understand and label us as whiners and crazy. If you would like to see the blog…

It’s well known that some people are affected negatively by perfumes. Fragrances can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and migraine headaches in some individuals. It’s a physical response not a mental one.

Here are some links to established medical associations about migraines and fragrances…


One response to “It’s all in your head

  1. NO IT’S NOT all in your head!

    There is a particular fragrance that my step-daughter wears. One whiff and instant headache. I picked her up one time and had to drive home with the window down in -5F Michigan windchill. By the time we got home my eyes were bloodshot like I’d been smokin’ reefer for 12 hours straight.

    I told her she had no choice … she was taking a shower and the clothes she had on were put in the garage!

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