New Use for Perfume: Jaguars, Pumas, and Cheetahs, OH MY!

Biologists and zookeepers are finding new uses for perfumes. It seems that big cats are attracted to certain colognes. Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men really captures their attention. So much so that scientists are spraying Obsession near their field cameras in order to photograph jaguars in the wild. When the elusive jaguars linger in front of the camera, it gives them better photographs to track the jungle cats. With more photographs they can count the spots and identify which cat is in the area. Zookeepers are also using scents to keep their cats curious.

While perfume inflicts headaches for me, it is nice to see that it is helping biologists.

So men, who wear Calvin Klein’s Obsession, I suggest you drop the cologne when you visit the Zoo or take a walk in the jungle, or the pussy-cat you attract may want to eat you.

Read the article from The Wall Street Journal. The video is really great too. Do not miss the paragraph  from the woman who helped create Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men. It really makes you wonder what they put in this stuff.


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