Did Your Perfume Make the List? Secret Chemicals Hidden in Fragrances

Ever wonder what’s in a perfume? I do, considering many of them trigger my migraines. And so did the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics who commissioned lab tests analyzed by the Environmental Working Group. They tested more than a dozen name brand fragrances like Chanel Coco, Britney Spears Curious, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio (for men), American Eagle 77 and Calvin Klein Eternity (for women). The EWG says there were 38 secret chemicals found in these tests and on average the fragranced products had 14 chemicals not listed on the labels. They also claim that some of these chemicals can have ” troubling hazardous properties”.

See if your perfume is on list, learn about how these chemicals are regulated and  check out EWG’s charts that show which products had the most chemicals. It is very interesting read….


ABCNews took their research and did a story about it well. Here is the link to that article….


I don’t know what to make of these findings. I really hope this will inspire more scientists to look into what is in fragrances and how it affects our health.  I would also hope that companies that use fragrances put a good effort forth to reduce harmful chemicals in fragrances. I buy fragrance free products and I hope more people will join me. If we show our concern with our dollars maybe companies will listen.


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