Perfuming of America: Fragrances made from your DNA & Chocolate cologne to honor our President?

From the depths of the perfuming of America … We now have a company selling fragrances created by your DNA. For around $80 to $140 you can have your own exclusive fragrance. A company called My DNA Fragrance will send you a swab kit. You rub the inside of your cheek and return the sample. They claim to make the fragrance by examining your genetic code and using that as a blueprint for the scent.

They offer a few different types of fragrances. There is the Exclusive Perfume with skin healing properties. Then there is a product called Reverse. Both of these scents can be tailor-made for men or women. I can’t tell the difference between the two from their website. Exclusive seems more unique and Reverse is about creating memories…hmmm… sounds like a lot of marketing dribble to me.

My vote for most the absurd product of theirs is P.O.T.U.S 1600. As in the The President of  the United States who resides at 160o Pennsylvania Avenue. “A must have collectible item”, the website states,  “a clean and refreshing blend of fragrant notes with a hint of chocolate”. P.O.T.U.S 1600 is not made separately for the sexes, it is a unisex fragrance. The disclaimer that it was not created by President Barack Obama’s DNA is the icing on the cake. The kitsch factor is almost to the level of the Obama Chia Pet for me. The sad thing is I can’t really tell whether they were aiming for kitschy or serious.

My DNA Fragrance claims their perfumes are “greener” because they contain no alcohol and have ingredients like Aloe and Jojoba oil. They also posted on their site “The Health Risks Of 20 Most Common Chemicals Found in 31 fragrance Products” written by Julia Kendall, Co-Chair, Citizens for a Toxic-Free Marin.  They say that they don’t use any of those toxic chemicals in their products. Well, I think that is noble. Since I suffer from fragrance induced migraines, I appreciate any effort made towards responsible perfuming. I have not smelled any of their products so I do not know if they would affect me or not. I generally endorse a fragrance free lifestyle although I know it’s a tough sell for most.

I ‘m not sure about the DNA part. How do you create a fragrance from a DNA sequence? Add one floral node per every G and one squirt of vanilla for every T?  I am a skeptic. It sounds like olfactory snake oil to me. I may not believe in the science but I do believe in the marketing technique of individualism and luxury. To have something made just for you based on your biology, well, that is impressive. Perhaps that idea smells good enough to separate you from your money. Perhaps My DNA Fragrance will be successful.

Sniff it out for yourself….


2 responses to “Perfuming of America: Fragrances made from your DNA & Chocolate cologne to honor our President?

  1. I can think of a lot better things to do with $80 to $140!!!!

    I appreciate their efforts to warm people with regard to toxic substances in perfume. Many people with chemical sensitivity react even to plant extracts though so there are no guarantees when it comes to fragrance.

    Thanks for doing your job of “calling attention to the perfume obsessed!”

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