Canary in a Coalmine? Air Freshners & Fragrances can harm Tweety

If you own a pet bird than you may already know that air freshners and perfumes can be harmful for your beloved tweety. I was shocked when I read many online stories about how someone accidentally killed their bird by exposing it to fragrances or so they believe. Many of these websites can’t say with 100% certainty that the fragrance was the cause of death. That is hard to prove but many owners believe it has happened. It seems that fragrances can have harmful effects on respiratory systems, nervous systems and digestive systems.

Cool it with the smelly stuff around your pet birds!

Here is a link to a blog where a couple believes they lost three of their pet birds after burning some scented candles….

The website called lists all sorts of dangers for pet birds, many among those are fragrances and cleaning products. They have stories about potpourri, scented tissues, air freshners, leather sprays and glue guns all believed to cause birds to die. Check this website out

Gillian Willis, a pharmacist and toxicologist warns of many chemicals that can hurt birds, many of these items are fragrances. Check out Gillian’s help desk web page on the

The ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, advises that hairsprays and perfumes can be toxic to birds.

Another site that cautions owners to cool it with the smelly stuff….

Is this a canary in the coalmine?  I’m not a scientist or a doctor, I just know that fragrances make me feel funny and not in a good way. I know they cause lots of health problems for many people. I think this is just another sign why people should start weaning themselves off so many fragrances.


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