Fragrance-Free Solution: Steam Mop instead of Stinky Chemicals

If you are sensitive to chemicals like me, cleaning with a steam mop is fabulous. They heat water into steam and use that to sanitize. No more scrubbing on my hands and knees. No more buying smelly chemicals that could make me sick.

I bought my plastic steam mop at Target, it is a Shark brand. It is lightweight, easy to use, cleans great and it uses water. It did a great job cleaning my tile floors. It did not get the dirt out of the grout but the tiles look spectacular. If anyone knows of a non-stinky way to clean grout, I’d love to hear it!


6 responses to “Fragrance-Free Solution: Steam Mop instead of Stinky Chemicals

  1. I’m glad you posted this about cleaning tile. We are in the process of tiling the master bath and I’ve been wondering what’s best to use on the tile/grout. While the smell of chemicals doesn’t bother us two humans too much we have two vizslas and cleaning chemicals are not always good for their noses or their paws. So we do try and purchase cleaners that are more eco/dog friendly.

  2. Love your blog. Love your mission. Love your Fragrance Free Girl art/badge. Can I copy the FFG art on my blog if I link to you here or is it your personal logo?

    Come by and visit me at

    I was just posting about perfume today myself.

    • Sandra,

      I’m glad you found this blog.

      Yes, you can copy the art work and post it on your site as long as you say it’s from Smell Inc. The Perfuming of America blog and give a link. The artist who created it for me is making a larger version that I hope to post as a blog entry soon. I will send you a link when that happens and I would be honored if you would post it as well. It would be great to pass it around.

      Your blog is wonderful. You have such an interesting story and your blog is a great resource. I’m adding it my blogroll.

  3. Wonderful! Thanks so much. FFG is now on my sidebar with the credit and link. Hope many more people make the link!

  4. Looks like you’re building an audience…good for you! I bought a hand-held Steam Shark instead of the mop for more versatility, and I love it. I think it cleans many things even better than cleansers do.

    Have you ever tried Borax on your grout? I have one of those swiffer mops, but instead of the Swiffer pads I stick a wet rag on there, pour a little pile of Borax on the floor and scrub with the mop. It works well on linoleum, but I don’t know if the mop technique would work on grout. You might find yourself back on your knees with that one.

  5. Borax? I’ll have to give that a try.


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