Spouses and scents

My poor husband, I made him change his deodorant, hair products and soap. He’s super supportive of my sensitivities to fragrances but occasionally we still fight over the soap. He wants something industrial to get super clean and I’m trying to force him to use fragrance free sensitive skin Dove. It’s definitely not a manly soap, but it doesn’t make me sick. I have bought dozens of bar soaps, in search of grime fighting properties without triggering my headaches. If you know of a manly fragrance free bar soap, please e-mail me or leave a comment!

5 responses to “Spouses and scents

  1. We actually saw one at Cracker Barell of all places the other day and thought about you. Now I can’t remember the name of it.

  2. OH! and your husband …..WHAT A GREAT GUY! he wuvs you!

  3. In support of my wife who deals with MCS & asthma, I/we too changed to virtually all fragrance-free products, including soaps of all kinds of course, for years. I’m so happy we did.
    I’m clean, still all man (and smell that way) and happy knowing I’m not polluting or poisoning my self and others with unknown, toxic chemicals hidden in “fragrance” ingredients.
    – Fragrance-free = I smell like me, you smell like you.
    – By not using products with unnamed and often known toxins and VOC’s (e.g. “fragrance”), we don’t pollute the air or poison ourselves or others with knowingly or unknowingly.
    I have yet to feel un-manly by using fragrance-free products and living a fragrance-free life. In fact, fragrance-free soap allows your husband to smell as manly as possible since it doesn’t impart any foreign, unknown synthetic chemical ingredients used to make fragrance these days. With fragrance-free soaps, etc., we smell clean, naturally, as we should and hygienic to boot.

    It feels like the concept of fragrance-free isn’t fully grasped. What is a fragrance-free “manly fragrance” or how can a product be fragrance-free yet have a “manly fragrance”?

    • Good points Dave! I should amend this post and take “manly” out!

      My husband is still using the Dove and is happy to do it. It’s wonderful to have a partner who understands how awful fragrances can be. I’m sure your wife feels the same.

  4. We’ve been using Aveeno products in the bathroom and 7th Generation dish soap in the kitchen and laundry. That works for us. For us, simple is better.
    In our experience, cleaners (soaps, shampoos, household, laundry, kitchen cleaners, etc. ) that are fragrance-free and at least more, if not all natural/non-toxic ingredient cleanser products work better than their mainstream, synthetic chemical and petroleum-based counterparts. Certainly they work as well and don’t cause health issues.

    We recommend fragrance-free and more/all natural products to everyone, whether or not the chemicals in the other products they’ve been using noticeably bother them or not. Toxic chemicals are toxic chemicals, good for no one, benefiting nothing except profit. Bottom line – It’s just healthier for everyone, our shared environment and planet to use person and earth friendly products.

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