Bombarded by fragrances: Is your health affected?

How many fragranced products are you exposed to in a day? It is probably more than you think. Something in fragrances gives me migraine headaches. Could a combination of scented products be affecting you as well?  I bet you can check off more than 10 scented products that you are exposed to today.

___ make up  (powder, eye shadow, lipstick)              ___ razors

___ laundry detergent                                                         ___ dish soap

___ shaving cream                                                                ___  trash bags

___ facial cleaners / anti-aging creams                        ___  air fresheners

___ shampoo and conditioner                                         ___ aftershave

___ soap (bar or liquid)                                                      ___ fabric softener

___ deodorant                                                                       ___ hair gels or creams

___  moisturizers and body lotions                               ___  sunscreen

___ hair spray                                                                        ___ nail polish and remover

___ magazines with perfume ads                                    ___ facial tissue

___ perfume / cologne                                                        ___ candles

___ cleaning products (wipes, sprays)                           ___ hand sanitizer

___ feminine hygiene products                                        ___ baby powder

Many people have health issues that are fragrance related… allergies, breathing problems, skin sensitivities, and headaches. I dare you to switch half of your products to fragrance free versions and see if your health improves.


5 responses to “Bombarded by fragrances: Is your health affected?

  1. Hi there! Looked at my stats today and noticed you’ve linked to my fragrance free blog. Thanks! As you probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while.

    The condition you describe sounds just like what I experience. When I’m around fragrances of any kind, synthetic or natural, a pinchy feeling develops between my eyes, and if I’m around a strong scent long enough it becomes very hard to concentrate and a migraine will develop, usually not till later.

    I should probably post about my progress, though, because I’ve seen a vast improvement in my symptoms. I can go to the grocery store and Wal-Mart without developing a migraine later, not the case just a year ago.

    Good luck with your journey, and feel free to contact me anytime or visit my main blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I stopped by to have a look around here and I want to thank you for tackling this subject.

    Being a person with multiple disabilities and a disability rights advocate, I worked for an agency that prided itself on making ‘reasonable accommodations’ for its employees. One woman on staff was on oxygen, perfumes, candle scents, air fresheners, etc. really made it difficult for her to breathe.

    As her co-workers, we were asked to NOT wear scents because they were literally ‘life-threatening’ for her.

    People don’t realize how such ‘every day’ things can negatively effect us.

    Education is the key!

  3. I think second hand smoke should be considered a bombarding fragrance.

  4. Good morning, I’ve had 3 major migraines and in chronic migraine for approximately 4 weeks. I know without a doubt that this session is the result of a friend wearing strong hairspray, hugging me several times ( we were at a party!!!) I work as a nurse and work diligently trying to promote an actual scent free environment….Management does have a very small policy stating that scented products “should not be worn”. So far in the last 3 or 4 years, no one who has been reported for wearing scented products, resulting in me getting such a violent migraine, has been disciplined.

    Let me qualify that I do get “regular” migraines. But the scented product migraine wakes me up in the middle of the night and no matter what I take orally for pain, or alternating heat and cold and epsam salts baths, nothing works. The doc has ordered “Zomig” which may or may not give me temporary relief. I have been to massage, accupunture, chiropractor and I still have the darn headache.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me. I will be tagging this website for my Occupational Health and Safety representative so she has more information to help her in her mission to show management how serious this problem is. At my place of employment we have several staff who suffer from respiratory effects.
    Thank you

  5. All of these fragrance-triggered migraines and symptoms are “me”. I am at the point of needing to stop teaching piano because I cannot tolerate fragrance in students’ laundry products and personal care items. Any hints on how one can go on disability? Has anyone ever gotten help to lessen the sensitivity? I feel like I cannot even leave my own house any more. It’s very depressing.

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