I don’t wash my hands in public bathrooms!

I admit it. I am the one in the public bathroom who doesn’t always wash her hands. [Insert groans here!] Most public bathrooms use scented liquid soaps. If I wash my hands with it, I’m sure to get a headache. I will test the soap first on a paper towel and smell it. If it’s a food based smell, I’ll probably give it a try. If not, I reach for my Burt’s Bees aloe & witch hazel hand sanitizer. I am so happy I found a purse sized sanitizer that I can use.

If you manage a store and can choose which soaps to use, please pick the fragrance free version or natural food based scent. Method brand, sold at Target, has a great unscented soap. Those of us who are scent-challenged, thank you.

UPDATE 2012: Wet Ones makes a fragrance free version of single packet wipes that fit perfectly in my purse. I found them online at Alice.com.

Wet Ones offers fragrance free versions

2 responses to “I don’t wash my hands in public bathrooms!

  1. I agree it’s a great idea to carry around your own fragrance-free soap or hand sanitizer, so as to ensure that you don’t become irritated and so that the toxins don’t infiltrate your central nervous system. Like you, I find that fragranced soap, among other fragranced products, induce headaches and nausea. What about the strong chemical odor that lingers in public bathrooms from the cleaning products used? It’s unfortunate what MCS sufferers must endure. Heck, it’s unfortunate what the public in general must endure. People don’t realize the carcinogens and neurotoxins they are being exposed to on a regular basis from fragrance alone.

  2. AllergicToPerfume

    Absolutely, I relate 100 percent. I find most Best Buys have a fragrance free soap that really seems fragrance free to me, that’s a good place to stop if you need.

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