My fragrance free revolution begins…. smellinc, the perfuming of America blog

Going out in public can be a challenge for me. The person standing in line behind me can cause a tingling sensation in my brain. Hours later that feeling leads to a debilitating headache. I suffer from Migraine headaches and my main trigger is fragrances.

I hate this condition. It’s so awkward to request that a coworker or a new friend not wear that perfume or use that shampoo or that body lotion when they are going to be around me. I feel so imposing. I often do not speak out when I should because I do not want to make others feel uncomfortable. I am working on being more assertive.

When I explain my condition, I get a bunch of different reactions. There’s the “yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s over exaggerating” look. I  loathe drama and I promise you I’m not. The “I really do not understand her issue” confused look. My issue is neurological and not allergies. The “oh geez, is she saying I smell bad?” horrified look. It’s not that I find the smell of your lotion unpleasant, it’s that my brain has some sort of chemical reaction to it.

Our society embraces fragrances. There are everywhere. It is nearly impossible for me to escape. Fragrances are pumped through stores, they are in laundry products, make-up, soaps and cleaning products.

I am starting this blog to create awareness of my issues with fragrances. I hope others will join me and share their issues too. I will also be posting tidbits about scents and our society’s obsession with them.

Please be a part of the fragrance free revolution.


3 responses to “My fragrance free revolution begins…. smellinc, the perfuming of America blog

  1. I agree! The mini-migraines I experience EVERY time I come home from a mall experience is trying, to say the very least. I actually have very understanding coworkers who will try their very bests not to spray/wear crap around me. The least little smell of flowers will send my head reeling in pain. I’m with ya, sister!

  2. Really good. Keep on writing. I blog also. I also got a problem with fragrances.

  3. You want to tell your story on my site? I got a category called True stories. Send me a message if you want to join. : ) Annelie

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